T1 Smart Watch Band With Temperature Immune Measure ECG Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Weather Forecast Drinking Remind

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Main features

Health monitoring function:●ECG monitoring, heart rate monitoring ,blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring ,etc .Sport record:●Step, calories, distance, motion track query Multiple information reminders. Sport mode: running, walking, swimming ,cycling, climbing, basketball, badminton, football ,etc .Life reminder:●Sedebtary reminder,meeting reminder ,drinking water reminder, medication reminder .etc .

App Language

Android :English Czech German Spanish French Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Thai Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Ranch IOS: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish

Bracelet language

Andriod: "Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanis hItalian, Korean, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Vietnamese, Danish "IOS: "Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish Italian, Korean, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Vietnamese, Danish "

Temperature monitor

It can be applied to the forehead to measure the forehead temperature .


Health monitoring function, sports record,multiple communication information reminders,Sport mode, life reminder , other functions.

ECG Monitoring

Daily measurement of ECG data, fusion of ppg measurement technology,collection of ecg data,monitoring by hand and by anytime , to detect health risks in advance .

Blood pressure measurement

Wear a wristband blood pressure directly, and display the data on the wristband screen , you can also view it through the app and keep abread of changes in the body .

Blood oxygen measurement

The pulse wave time difference method (PWTT) is much more accurate than the simple optical measurement method, and the blood oxygen level (especially the sleep time)is regularly measured to ensure that the blood level is maintained at a normal level .

Immunity monitoring

Take a good N-kilometer run to boost your immunity A variety of sports mode free choice .

Heart rate measurement

Use an optical heart rate sensor to record your heart rate and resting heart rate , helping you stay informed about your heart rate .

Simple yet trendy

Multi-theme dial can be selected .

Sleep monitor

Record the duration of sleep , deep sleep shallow sleep ,etc.analyze your sleep quality throughout the whole process, help you understand the quality of sleep every night set the alarm to silence , and enjoy the soft wake-up by the bracelet in light sleep .


The data is for reference only and is not intended for use with medical data. Patients with hypertension should be placed with caution.if you have any questions , pls contact us at the first time ,do not easy to open dispute or bad reviews , we will do our best to solve it for you,thank you .