Neoprene rubber gym gloves for weight lifting

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Neoprene gym gloves are our most popular product. Gripps are used by athletes, celebrities, and professional sports teams all over the world. MADE IN THE USA. Authentic, Original, Self-Supporting Gripps alleviate grip fatigue and enhance muscle isolation in pulling & pushing exercises for maximum muscle gains.

A built-in arch support offers carpal tunnel protection and the gripping portion protects the hand from calluses. These Grips eliminate the need for gloves, lifting straps, wrist supports & hooks ALL IN ONE. Experience an enhanced mind-muscle connection. These Grips Empower All Athletes to Train Better.

Made with our proprietary “Non-Slip” custom-engineered material exclusive to Versa Gripps USA. Our grip material is scientifically designed for the athlete to feel a secure connection with the weight and maintains superior grip throughout the life of the product.

The Grip is self-supporting and allows the athlete to wrap both Grips independently. Extended grip length allows more of the grip portion to be wrapped around the bar for maximum hold & security, as well as protection from calluses. The Quick-Release safety feature makes it easy to release the weight bar-simply open the hands and the bar is released.

Begin by inserting the end of the wrist strap through the rectangular metal ring so it creates a large loop, then slide your hand into the wrist strap. Once in, grasp the palm piece securely, aligning your thumb with the cutout and tighten the strap with the other hand. The Grip should fit comfortably around the wrist (not too tight!) with the palm piece standing up in front of your hand. There is a cutout on each of the palm pieces to allow for freedom of thumb movement. You will also find a label within the right-hand grip that indicates it is for that hand.

If you have a large hand and find it difficult to maneuver your hand through the loop, there is an optional way of putting Grips on. First, securely hold the palm piece in your hand making sure the thumb cutout matches. Then, use your other hand to weave the long wrist strap through the metal ring. Tighten the wrist strap by gently pulling the strap back onto itself.


  • Lifting weight protection palm

  • Material:

  • Neoprene rubber

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